Snuggling the Sheep

Ivy, the velvet rabbit, getting hugs

Meeting Tulip, the Silky Chicken

Getting some rabbit love <3

Forrest, the Parakeet making friends

Cosmo getting cuddles

Pepper getting pets

Cat Cuddles

Animal Interactions provides recreational animal assisted therapy with the help of our large variety of loving pets.   Our animals improve the quality of life of the individuals they visit by providing unconditional love and acceptance to all individuals regardless of age and abilities, reducing stress, fostering positive emotions, decreasing the clinical environment, providing a source for friendly touch, and providing sensory stimulation while forging connections with farm friends!   Our animals help individuals live in the moment, a moment filled with joy and wonder, and forget about their discomforts and pains. Our continuous visiting animal programs give individuals, AND staff, something to look forward to each week! 

Please contact us to learn more about incorporating animals into your therapeutic setting.